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"Put the Metal to the Pedal --- and Fly with the Pros!"
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Engineered from the inside - out to provide the highest
level of quality, reliability and biomechanical efficiency,
COOMBE MILLENNIUM ll PEDALS are manufactured
to the highest standards in Boulder, Colorado USA.
MILLENNIUM II pedal bodies and axles are precision
manufactured from aerospace grade stainless steels
for maximum corrosion resistance and lasting durability.
The integrated bearing design is extremely compact,
yet offers the lowest friction and highest load carrying
ability of any pedals' bearings. With proper lubrication
intervals, the bearings will last for the lifetime of the
pedals, providing lower cost of ownership compared
to many other "high end" pedals which use significantly
lower load rated axles/bearings.
The heat treated, high strength stainless steel axles
are generously sized for maximum rigidity and power
transfer, with up to 75% less deflection under load
when compared to other competitors' pedals.
The axles are through hollowed for weight reduction
approaching that of solid titanium axles, but with
the superior strength, rigidity, and wear resistance
of heat treated stainless steel.

Note: we do not offer 6/4 titanium axles since,
when made to the same dimensions as steel axles
(as is dictated for compatibility) they are only about
60% as rigid as steel, and any slight weight savings
is more than offset by the energy lost due to the
increased axle flexing. Hollowed steel axles provide
better overall performance and reliability.
The MILLENNIUM II shoe cleats have a wide platform
and rigid retention tongues that grip the pedal bodies,
providing a very stable and solid connection.

The cleats are drilled in fixed positions for maximum
strength, and available in 3 different fore/aft locations.

The "Green" cleat positions the axle directly in-line
with the bolt hole centers of the shoe. This position
provides significantly more arch support, with less
strain on the Achilles tendon than the once traditional
"Red" line axle placement.   

The "Blue" cleat positions the axle 4mm behind the
bolt hole centers of the shoe, moving it more directly
under the arch of the foot. This position provides
the most arch support, and the least amount of strain
on the muscles/tendons of the lower leg.

The "Yellow" cleat positions the axle of the pedal
4mm in front of the bolt hole centers. This positions
the axle closer to the "Red" line, and should be used
with caution, as it increases the pressure on the ball
of the foot, which can lead to "hot spots", etc.
COOMBE cleats position
the axle 1 closer to the
arch for better support,
and less strain S, than
in position 2, as used in
some other systems.
> Stack Height = 10mm total (pedal + cleat)
> Cornering Clearance = 38 degrees
> Bearing System = 2 rows needle + 1 row ball (patented)
> Float Angle = +/- 3 deg from center.
> Retention Mechanism = Tongue and groove "Twist In" to engage (patented)
> Pedal Weight (each) = 110 grams (all Stainless Steel construction)   
> Cleat Weight (each) =  55 grams (Bronze) or 25 grams (Aluminum)
Coombe Pro Pedal Systems are a division of Coombe Engineering L.L.C.
> MILLENNIUM II Pedal Set (pedals only) = $359.00
> MILLENNIUM II Cleat Set - Bronze = $68.00
> MILLENNIUM II Cleat Set - Alum = $56.00
COOMBE MILLENNIUM II pedal systems are currently in stock and shipping next day.
Please view/print the
on-line instruction manual, in the PDF form, prior to ordering.
All sales are covered by our unconditional 60 day money back guarantee. And a trade-in program is
available for current Coombe pedal users who would like to upgrade .
Select Material and Axle Position
Millennium II pedals with aluminum cleats
and stainless steel axles weigh in at only 270
grams, making them lighter than many
competitors' pedal systems that use weaker,
much more flexible titanium axles to reduce
weight (i.e. Speedplay  Zero's with ti axles,
and 3 hole cleats, weigh 284 grams).

The 2015 model will be with walking pads.       
New for 2015 - Replaceable Walking Pads

The M2 shoe cleats now feature aerodynamically sculpted,
hard rubber walking pads. The pads insert into the rear of
   the cleat, and are easily replaced when worn. When combined
      with the exceptionally low profile of the cleats, off the bike
         mobility is now faster and safer than ever.
Patents Pending
The patented "twist in" tongue and groove retention
          mechanism is rock solid, transferring power directly
                  into the cranks without the use of flexible spring
 loaded latches or plastic parts.
Note: 2015 aluminum cleats with replaceable walking pads will be
available March 1st.
The shoe cleats are aerodynamically sculpted, low in profile,
and the pedal bodies recess into the cleats to provide an
exceptionally low 10mm total stack height (pedal + cleat).
Fast and Secure Engagement
and Down
To Forward Stop
Patented Coombe Retention Mechanism